Digital Self-harm

The main focus of my dissertation research has been to develop an understanding of how eating disordered behaviors are characterized online. In this work, we have continually come across examples of how the introduction of digital technologies into the practices of this mental illness have begun dynamically changing the presentation of the disease.


Military Behavioral Health & Force Readiness




Technology Trends of Online Adolescents

Through the support of the NSF, I designed and convened an annual summer camp from 2010 – 2014 that focused on developing a deeper understanding of motivation and use of social technologies within adolescents as well as designing a social fitness game that focused on increasing health identities through non-competitive social game play.



Sexual Assault Transparency App

Sexual assaults on college campuses is of growing concern in the U.S. Currently there is not a formal mechanism to report sexual assaults anonymously and thus, creating a gap in the number of reported cases. The Sexual Assault Transparency App was developed for the annual Georgia Tech Convergence and Innovation Competition. This app looked at using the power of personal narrative to give victims a voice about their personal stories of sexual assault.