Anita Borg Institute – Atlanta Chapter Quick Research Bites
The official local chapter of the Anita Borg Institute is launching  on April 27! To celebrate this occasion, six local scientists, researchers, and businesswomen have been invited to discuss their research and impacts for Atlanta and beyond! I will be presenting my research on characterizing self harm online and how we might meaningfully connect these online activities and behaviors into clinical practice. For more information, click here for more information.

2017 ACM CSCW Conference
I am excited to announce that my paper “Defining Digital Self Harm” was not only accepted to the 2017 ACM CSCW conference, but was also selected for a Best Paper Award! A big thanks and congratulations to my advisor and co-author Dr. Beth Mynatt. Our presentation slides can be found here.

2016 ACM GROUP Conference
Lots of great things going on at the ACM GROUP conference this year!  I coordinating a workshop, “Exploring Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities” with Nazanin Adalibi, Pamela Wisniewski, and Casey Fiesler. You can apply to the workshop here.

My paper  “Characterizations of Online Harassment: Comparing Policies Across Social Media Platforms” will be presented at the conference on Wednesday (11/16/2016) at 2:00 in the in Social Media session. A bing thanks and congrats to my co-authors Moon Kim, Casey Fiesler, and Beth Mynatt. Our presentation slides can be found here.

2015-2016 Foley Scholar Fellowshipheadshot-small
I was selected to receive a 2015-2016 Foley Scholar Fellowship. Each fall the GVU Center at Georgia Tech selects vseveral graduate students for a Fellowship on the basis of personal vision, academic contributions, and potential impact. Foley Scholars are selected by an advisory board comprised of GVU alumni, current faculty, and industry partners. To learn more about this year’s finalists and winners, click here.

2015 Cybersafety Presentation
Check out the latest cybersafety presentation, An Introduction to Cybersafety: What you need to know!  If you would like a presentation at your school or community group, email me at!

CHI 2015 Publication 
Our paper “This Digital Life: A Neighborhood-based Study of Adolescents’ Lives Online” will be presented at the 2015 CHI conference in Seoul, Korea on April 22. A big thanks and congrats to my co-authors Dr. Andrew Miller and Dr. Beth Mynatt. (April ’15).  Here are the slides from the presentation.

CSCW 2015 Attendance 
I’ll be attending the Computer Supported Cooperative Work conference in Vancouver in March, as well as participating in the “Ethics for Studying Online Sociotechnical Systems in a Big Data World” workshop (March ’15).

GT Convergence Innovation Competition Winner
I was part of a team that won first place for community Impact in the Georgia Tech Convergence Innovation Competition for our Sexual Assault Transparency application. (Nov ’14)

CHI 2014 Conference Presentation
Our paper “Just Awful Enough – The Functional Dysfunction of the Something Awful Forums” will be presented at CHI 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to my esteemed colleagues Yacin Nadji, Dr. Amy Bruckman, and Dr. Beth Mynatt (April ’14).

Pater receives Excellence in Research Award
I was part of a dynamic team that won the Excellence in Research Award from the InfoSci Journals Group. This Award recognizes the best articles from the IGI Global’s journal collection for each volume year. Co-authored with Paul Baker (GT), Abbe Foreman (Temple) and Kel Smith (Anikto LLC), this paper can be downloaded here. (Sept ’12)