ICED 2019
I will be attending the 2019 International Conference on Eating Disorder (ICED) where I will present my current work which looks at the cultural and gender differences of eating disordered behaviors across various social media platforms. The conference will take place in New York City March 14-16, 2019.

CSCW 2018
CSCW 2018 is almost here! I will be co-organizing the workshop on Conducting Research with Stigmatized Populations with a great group of organizers – Juan Fernando Maestre, Mark Warner, Elizabeth Eikey, Maia Jacobs, Lana Yarosh, Patrick Shih, and Gabi Marcu.  More information on the workshop can be found here

Parkview Mental Health Conference Invited Talk
On October 3, I will be giving an invited talk at the 1st Annual Parkview Mental Health Conference which is focused on impacts technology has on youth and teen mental health. My talk focuses on what spaces and tools youth use and the potential negative behaviors that are associated with their use. Click here to learn more about or to register for the event!

New Job!!
Staring September 1, I will be joining the Parkview Research Center in Fort Wayne, IN as a Visiting Research Scientist! I will be working with the Informatics team to help develop and support projects that focus on leveraging information technologies to empower patients and communities to effectively manage their health.

NSF Smart Health Workshop
I was recently chosen as a Student Travel Grant recipient for the NSF Smart Health PI Workshop. The workshop takes place September 24-26th in Arlington, VA. During the workshop, I will have the opportunity to present my dissertation research to all of the current and some aspiring NSF Smart and Connected Health grant recipients. 

CHI 2018
CHI 2018 is here! On Saturday I will be participating in the 2nd annual Computing and Mental Health Symposium. On Sunday I will be participating in the Workshop on Interactive Systems in Health (WISH). My poster for the WISH workshop can be found here.

ICED 2018 Presentation
I have been invited to participate in the 2018 Academy of Eating Disorder’s annual International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED). The presentation, Characterizing the Presentation of Eating Disorders Across Social Media Platforms – lexical variation and behavioral archetypes, will review past work and be a sneak peak on new work looking at gendered differences of eating disorder content online.

CCC Workshop Invitation
I have been invited to participate in the Computing Community Consortium (CCC)’s workshop on Sociotechnical Interventions for Health Disparity Reduction. This workshop brings together researchers in computing, health informatics, and behavioral medicine to develop an integrative research agenda regarding sociotechnical interventions to reduce health disparities and improve the health of socio-economically disadvantaged populations. Click here to learn more about the event.

CHIM Presentation
I have been invited to present my work on Defining Digital Self-harm at the 2018 Consumer Health Informatics in the Midwest Meeting in Fort Wayne, IN. This workshop will start a dialogue between consumer health informatics researchers, beginning with scholars who are located close to one another geographically. The purpose of the meeting will be to share information about ongoing projects and explore collaborative opportunities.