I am a PhD student in the Human Centered Computing program at Georgia Tech.  I work in Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt‘s Everyday Computing Lab.  My studies focus on how social computing technologies can impact everyday wellness and behavior.  I am specifically interested in how technology use and participation in online communities impact social and emotional health, especially as it relates to eating disorders and self-harm. 

For the last nine years, I have worked as a full-time researcher at the Georgia Tech Research Institute where I have worked in the Socio Technical Systems Division in the Information and Communications Laboratory.  My work has focused primarily on digital use patterns, cyber safety, and digital citizenship for students across Georgia.  In this capacity.  I have worked with students, educators, administrators and parents to gain a deeper context of how technology impacts social and educational environments.  My current work looks at how to incorporate user needs in the development of health information systems for the military.



Lots of great things going on at the ACM GROUP conference this year!  I coordinating a workshop, “Exploring Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities” with Nazanin Adalibi, Pamela Wisniewski, and Casey Fiesler. You can apply to the workshop here.

My paper  “Characterizations of Online Harassment: Comparing Policies Across Social Media Platforms” will be presented at the conference on Wednesday (11/16/2016) at 2:00 in the in Social Media session. A bing thanks and congrats to my co-authors Moon Kim, Casey Fiesler, and Beth Mynatt. Our presentation slides can be found here.

2015-2016 Foley Scholar Fellowshipheadshot-small
I was selected to receive a 2015-2016 Foley Scholar Fellowship. Each fall the GVU Center at Georgia Tech selects vseveral graduate students for a Fellowship on the basis of personal vision, academic contributions, and potential impact. Foley Scholars are selected by an advisory board comprised of GVU alumni, current faculty, and industry partners. To learn more about this year’s finalists and winners, click here.